Tropical Escape Collection (Desktop)


Welcome to paradise!

Inspired by my travels through French Polynesia, Panama, The Maldives, Indonesia, and The Seychelles, this collection is all about turquoise water, white sand, and dreamy tropical settings. They can be applied to any image to create a beautifully dramatic edit– just like you’d expect to see on my Instagram.

The T6 Preset is specifically created for editing drone shots.

Please remember that Lightroom presets will look different on every image. Consider the lighting, colors, subjects and settings of the sample image featured when deciding which image to apply the preset to. You will likely need to make some adjustments after the preset is applied to achieve your desired effect.

HELPFUL TIP: I shoot in RAW, typically a little underexposed and where the image tends to fall a little flat. A flat or neutral picture style will give you an image with the least contrast, maintaining better highlight and shadow detail. Also, shooting in RAW allows you a lot more wiggle room in post-processing to enhance color and adjust the lighting.

These presets are designed for Lightroom Classic (desktop version MAC/Windows PC) software which you can purchase for $9.99/month here, are compatible with RAW and JPEG photos and cannot be downloaded to mobile devices. Check out my Mobile Preset Collections here. Due to the digital nature of this product, we are unable to issue refunds!

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